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JJ’s Best Gifts Under $30

Taking care of Millennials is hard, so let me help you with this handy gift list of 10 gifts. All these items are JJ approved. 

Disclaimer: Some of these items are affiliate linked, if you don’t like that idea, just look up these items on Google rather than clicking through 🙂

The Trendsetter

This Lip Duo by FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna

Two Lil Mattemoiselles – Chill Owt Edition
COLOR: Griselda/ Spanked – bold burgundy/ dusty rose

FENTY BEAUTY by Rihanna was the hottest makeup launch of this year with awesome colors for every skin tone. And it’s legitimately good. If you have a makeup lover in your life, they’ll probably be delighted by this super cute duo which comes packaged in a little ornament.

This Elegant Quilted Fanny Pack

This bag comes with two belts and can be worn as a it as waist bag, chest bag, cross-body bag.

Fashion is cyclical and 2018 heralded the return of the fanny pack–thanks, Gucci! You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get the look, though, and this particular bag can be worn three different ways. Let’s face it, fanny packs really are the best way to carry your stuff around at festivals, concerts, and traveling. I love this one because it comes with two different straps so I can be a little classy with the gold chain, or sporty with the belt. It keeps my valuables close to me and lets my dance and move around without worrying too much.

A Pretty Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Roller for Face - 100% Natural Rose Quartz Stone Massager Anti Aging Facial Therapy - Eye Puffiness Treatment Healing Neck Slimming Skin Care Tool Jade Roller Alternative by WITTY
There’s a lot of jade and rose quartz rollers on Amazon, but this one has a beautiful box perfect for gift giving!

Face rollers are super trendy in Asia, so naturally, they’re starting to pick up some buzz in the US as well. I was skeptical, but it turns out, rolling my face with a piece of jade or rose quartz is pretty relaxing and nice. Also, it really does seem to help my serums and face creams absorb. If you have a loved one who’s really into crystal healing, rose quartz is supposed to be great for that. For the skeptical, rose quartz stays cool so you can roll away while watching TV.

The Traveler

Sleepy Ride Airline Foot Rest

No foot rest in pleb class? No worries.

This is one of those items I bought on a whim once because, how bad could it be?
It turns out, it’s not bad at all–it’s wonderful actually! If you’re on a long haul flight and have the legroom, this foot rest helps elevate the feet to reduce pressure, soreness, and puffiness. I used it on economy class on a 10 hour flight. Paired with Economy Plus for the extra legroom, and this feels like you’re traveling on a much classier ticket fare.

$19.97 at Amazon

The Incredible Trtl Travel Pillow

Big round donut pillows are so last decade.

One of my favorite travel items of all time, I give this as a gift to anyone I know who travels internationally. About the size of a scarf, this “pillow” has neck support built in so it comfortably props your head up on your shoulder or on your chest. I’ve slept for 6 straight hours just using this. It’s also very light and easily attachable to the straps of a backpack or roller bag!

$29.99 at Amazon

The fantastic Anker SoundCore

Just the best Bluetooth speaker you can get for the price.

Anker makes one of the very best bluetooth speakers and it’s under $30. I have quite a collection of various bluetooth/USB speakers from Christmases past, but it’s this one that I bought for myself that is better than all others–except the one that was given to me that costs 4x more. Great for traveling, light, water-proof and puts out crisp sounds and deep bass.
$27.99 at Amazon

The Homeowner

An Attractive Pour Over Coffee Station

This comes in 3 different colors.

This is not a gift for a coffee lover who has a Chemex, Aeropress, and lots of other fancy coffee gadgets. But for someone dabbling in coffee, or who might want to show off a new kitchen, this is a delightfully attractive and affordable pour over station. Coffee isn’t about the gadgets anyway, it’s about the coffee! Pair this with something nice from a local roaster and you have a lovely gift.
$26.49 at Amazon

A Mini Candle Trio to Make the Home Smell Great

VOLUSPA Mini Candle Trio – Nissho-Soleil, Baltic Amber, French Cade & Lavender

VOLUSPA makes the best candles. They’re also, like, $50 candles. This mini set is so adorable and affordable I bought a bunch as stocking stuffers and last minute gifts. VOLUSPA candles smell amazing and they always have cute candle holders that look great in your house, and you can reuse when you’re done.
$24.00 at Sephora

Home Taiyaki Dessert Pan

Why eat square waffles when you can have fish shaped ones?

Taiyaki are Japanese fish-shaped desserts filled with whatever tasty filling (traditionally red bean, but go wild). This is the perfect gift for the Japan lover or the host or hostess who literally has everything else.
$22.99 at Amazon

Cuddly Avocado Plushie

Who needs a mortgage?

Super cute and squishy plush avocado to make all the necessary Millennial avocado toast jokes before you cry in college debt.

$19.49 at Amazon

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