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    Arriving in Japan Don’t take the subway with tons of luggage. Use a luggage forwarding system.This is a huge mistake most foreigners make. You will never see another Japanese person dragging tons of giant luggage around.  Not only will people literally want to kill you, there’s VERY very few handicapped access points so you may be dragging a giant suitcase literally for up to a mile underground. The Tokyo subway system is vast and cavernous and something that looks like an easy transfer on a map could be a 1km walk up and down stairs during rush hour. Leaving the Airport Taxis: Unless you’re rich or flying into Haneda Airport…

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    Accommodations in Japan

    Hotels Ryokan Minshuku What…no AirBNB? Hotels Hotels are my preferred choice in big cities for a couple of huge reasons: Luggage Storage Luggage Delivery Transit Convenience All Prefectures Toyoko Inn – I love this nation-wide chain. It’s just a quick, easy, convenient business hotel with an English website and English speaking (ish) staff. Rooms are tiny, but clean and well-priced. Plus you get a free gift (socks, vanity kit, or some other things) and free breakfast. They’re usually located right by train stations. Tokyo Ward In Tokyo, I would choose to stay in Shibuya or Shinjuku wards, personally. I liked the Shibuya Excel Hotel for the sheer convenience. Ryokan (旅館) Hotels…

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    LA Food and Drink Map

    I’ve been continuously updating this map since 2013. Everything listed here are places I’ve actually been, usually multiple times, and love. Each location has a short review and is organized by price. Save this to your phone to always have a food suggestion in Los Angeles!

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    Japan Map

    Here’s a simple map of some of my favorite places to visit, eat, drink, and do in Japan. There’s not a lot of super touristy stuff listed–frankly, there’s better guides for that 🙂

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    First Time in Japan

      Food: – Honestly, I don’t have many because historically my friends and I would just go to whatever good local place there was. These little places are everywhere in Japan and all generally high quality, BUT..   – My Tokyo list on Foursquare though…these pretty heavily trend towards ‘normal’ places Japanese people go to, aka Italian restaurants and things like that https://foursquare.com/thejanellemj/list/tokyo-list BUT I highly recommend Yoroniku as it has some of the best Japanese BBQ (aka Japanese korean style BBQ) I recommend within a price range that isn’t insane.   – For ramen: Ichiran and Ramen Jirou for ramen. Ichiran for the experience alone (you sit quietly in a booth and interact with no one and quietly eat…